Praise for The Stream

“When stuck, how do you break free? When blinded from the truth, where is the light? When lost and afraid, what is the test? As you turn each page of this wondrous novel, you travel on your own journey down the stream. Along the twists and turns, you come upon life’s eternal questions and find answers to the mystery where you least expect. More than a fantasy or tale, The Stream is a way of experiencing the world and learning life lessons. This book is nothing less than a treasure!” Janetti Marotta, PhD, author of 50 Mindful Steps to Self-Esteem: Everyday Practices for Cultivating Self-Acceptance & Self-Compassion

“Intensely Capitivating! This tale stirs the depths of my soul.” Virginia Lee, Author of Dagon’s Blood

“There are books you come across that contain tales that speak to your soul, the turn of events and emotions just reaching . . . out and pulling you down into it’s depths . . . pick it up, read it, and be forever changed.” Brandon Withey

“The Stream is a thought provoking, triumphant read, and one you won’t want to miss!” Susan Jean Ricci, Author of Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems

“A wonderful story of inspired redemption . . . I couldn’t put it down . . . Silverberry does it again!” Marilyn LoRusso, Author of the Celebrating Children series

“A wonderfully compelling story of survival . . . a beautiful metaphor for living a meaningful life.” M.G. Fairfax

Praise for Wyndano’s Cloak

. . . Constant suspense . . . impossible to put down. You’re going to be very tired in the morning!” Feathered Quill Review

. . . A powerful coming-of-age story . . . a rich and subtle metaphor for the power of creativity and courage, the function and purpose of artistic inspiration and enrichment, and the role of fantasy and vision in the human psyche.” The US Review of Books (Full review)

“. . . Adventure, appeal, action . . . a fantasy vehicle that will carry young adults through tests of strength, integrity, and steadfast visions. Dark in tone yet laced with hope and optimism . . . presents just the right piquant combination of danger, excitement, mystery, and challenge . . . Wyndano’s Cloak will attract a following to clamor for sequels to this exciting tome.” Children’s Bookwatch (Full review)

I was entranced . . . Silverberry is a master at characterization. Few are his equal . . .” Readers Favorite (Full review)

“. . . a tale of intense imagination and wonder. An adventure we may only find in the deepest corners of our imagination. A. R. Silverberry’s story was one that I will likely be re-reading very soon.” Allbooksreviews, Review by Kirsten Bussière

. . . A grand adventure . . . a coming-of-age soon to be classic that is certain to keep kids entertained and away from the TV and video game system for long stretches . . . Silverberry’s creativity and imagination are second to none.” Reviewed by William R. Potter for Reader’s Choice Book Reviews. (Full Review)

“. . . A magical tale . . . chock full of everything a great fantasy novel needs; dashing young men, adventures galore, treachery, love and intrigue . . . I highly recommend this book for pre-teens and young adults . . . The fact that there are two strong, capable female main characters makes it exceptionally appropriate for girls this age.”, Review by Karlynn Johnston

This book is hard to put down!!! Breathtaking and Captivating tale of a brave and daring young girl! . . . when the book is finished, you will be left wanting more. A must read for fantasy lovers.” Marcia Freespirit, CEO JimSam Inc. Publishing

“. . . Mysteries and surprises grab the reader’s attention and send the imagination scurrying. This is a delightful book and can be highly recommended. Give Silverberry and Jen the chance to win the reader’s heart and spend some time learning the secrets of Wyndano’s Cloak.” Bestsellers World, Reviewed by Chris Phillips (Full Review)

. . . A superb young adult fantasy.” Harriet Klausner, Amazon #1 Reviewer

“What more can a reader ask for? Mystery, treachery, intrigue . . . and a magical cloak that may prove just as dangerous to use as not to use. Delicious!” Eric A. Kimmel, author of Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins


One of my favorite books of the year . . . had all of the elements of some of my favorite stories from The Hobbit to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe . . . I love this book! ” Jeffrey Preston, Award-Winning Author of The Chain

Wyndano’s Cloak, an engaging adventure with an extraordinary heroine, captures the courage and sense of adventure that lies in the heart of all young girls.” Sandra Martz, editor, When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple

“An affecting story, imaginatively conceived, beautifully written – altogether effectively realized.  It’s just the sort of book I would have eaten up at age 13 or 14.”  Mark Rhynsburger, editor

“Enchanting!  A thrilling adventure in worlds that are both magically familiar and yet unknown . . . I wish I had been able to read it as a child for the sole purpose of rereading it as an adult.”  Ann Lyke, M.Ed., Educational Specialist, Author of Finding Joy

“Good versus evil in a rich tale full of magic, adventure and courage, Wyndano’s Cloak reminds us of the power in each of us to grow and transform into our very best self.” Susan Borkin, M.A., Psychotherapist, author of When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes: The Healing Power of Writing

“Like when I read Harry Potter, the characters in this book became so close to me as I read them, that I didn’t want them to leave! What I especially liked was how I could relate to some of the internal struggles the characters had and how they all faced moral challenges . . . I think my favorite character was Blue. He always kept me on the edge of my seat.” Sonali Bhagat, Speech-Language Pathologist, Aspiring Writer

“Silverberry advances a thoughtful, refreshing approach to the coming of age tale; moments of pure lyricism trembling on the brink of the future in young adult lives.” Ken Bullock, Arts Critic, Berkeley Daily Planet; Commuter Times;

“A castle, royalty, betrotheds, servants, a leather account book, and dubious individuals all blend together on the mystical journey through Wyndano’s Cloak. Who is to be trusted? The visions and whispers bestowed upon Jen by Medlara haunt Jen. Should she act on them and warn her father? Danger is imminent with the threat of Naryfel.

“How could one person have so much power, to reach over time and distance and make her father quake so?”

Will unsuspecting individuals assist in the downfall of Jen’s world as she knows it? People who surround Jen must summon a courage and determination to overcome threatening forces. Who will prevail and who will fail? What will the outcome be for Aerdem?

Author, A. R. Silverberry skillfully brings to life the kingdom of Aerdem and those who dwell there. Be prepared to be transported into the world of royalty and intrigue. The coolness of the castle floors will settle into the soles of your feet and the chill throughout your body will flow over you as the battle to save Aerdem and all who love it is fought.” Donna McDine, Children’s Author,

“A real page turner!” Joan Baran, PhD, Clinical Director, The Children’s Health Council

Dear Reader,

More than anything, I want to reach you with my writing, and your response to my work is most important to me. I’m especially proud of the first two comments below. Both are from authors in their own right, but because they are my uncles, they belong here, not above.

I look forward to including your reviews, too!

Best Wishes,

A. R. Silverberry

“Silverberry’s prose is devilish, with potent strokes of poetry, irony and humor . . . [He] instinctively understands the dreams, the search for identity and the plaintive longing for acceptance of young people . . . The spirits of Aesop, Dickens, Tolkien and even Shakespeare must have been whispering in the author’s ear . . .” Raphael Adler, author of The Magical Adventures of Pee Wee Mulligan

“A beautifully written masterpiece of fantasy . . . Seemingly without effort, the author combines suspense and adventure, mystery and magic, intricate plot, vivid description, and smooth-flowing narrative. The book sings.” Irving Adler, author or co-author of 86 books, most for children, including The Giant Golden Book of Mathematics

“One of the best books I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot of books. I’m keeping it on my shelf.” Retired Librarian

“The book was WONDERFUL . . . I was so enthralled I couldn’t put it down. My daughter said the same thing. It was interesting, kept me wondering what was going to happen next. . . . It was all the good words that can be written about books . . . all the time I was reading it, I kept thinking, ‘this would make a great movie.'”

“What an impressive debut! . . . I am eagerly awaiting your next book.”

“What a great story-teller you are . . . I finished the book a few days ago and enjoyed it so much!”

“My daughter reads the book three times now . . . I am certainly recommending the book to other parents, and hope that you have a sequel in the wings.”

I was so happy to meet Emma and her mother at a book signing. Three days later, Emma wrote, “I just finished the book today, and I really enjoyed it. Blue is one of my favorite characters and I loved the concept of the Starbirds. I really wish the sequel was out … now.”

“I’m over halfway through reading it and can’t put it down . . . Everyone needs to read Wyndano’s Cloak!”

“. . . an enchanting tale; I so enjoyed it.”

“You’re a very talented writer; I couldn’t put it down.”

“As a mother of a teenage girl I am always searching for interesting tales of courage and friendship. The challenge is, of course, to find a book my 14 year old also likes! Wyndano’s Cloak meets the criteria for both mother and daughter. The story is intriguing and uplifting and it makes for a great read. It captivated my daughter’s attention. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking an uplifting story for a teenaged girl (or boy!)”