Sometimes I share my newsletter posts, and this spoof from Halloween, 2022, is one of my favs:

Trick or Treat!

Goons and goblins are trying to sabotage my newsletter. If you see something like TSOHG YLDNEIRFUN ETH REPSAC, or worse, FKGHOIWNF, you’ll know they’ve succeeded in taking over my computer.

The battle is on. Vincent Price has taken up a comedy of terrors, whispering in my sleep, “You’re here because you’re dead, Mr. Silverberry. Oh yes, quite dead. Everybody knows it … except apparently you.” And then the capper, “Print one word in your October Newsletter, and you’ll know what I mean.”

To add spice to his point, the two Lon Chaneys, junior and senior, perform a nightly waltz at the foot of bed while singing old Harry Belafonte songs. It’s their attempt at controlling me with a spell. Won’t work. I adore Belafonte’s “Day-O” and “Limbo Song,” not to mention “Mama Look a Boo Boo,” which just might scare these denizens of the grave back where they belong.

If not, I have the perfect antidote. I’m required to knock said father and son Chaneys off my bed with a volume of It while I sing the “Macarena” wearing nothing but a hat of pineapples and bananas. I’m told on good authority from Bela Lugosi this is more effective than garlic and silver bullets.

The spider may be spinning his web for the unwary fly; I won’t be deterred. I have to make the house safe for when a flock of little masked and costumed phantoms converges at my door on October 31st.

If this reaches your Inbox, you’ll know I succeeded.


A. R. Silverberry

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A. R. Silverberry, Author of THE TEAR OF TYBALETH

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