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I’m featured in this news release!

Rare Sighting of Cryptid in California Field

AP* – Claims of the appearance of a unicat in a northern California meadow are generating excitement in the picturesque town of Clearshield. The unicat, a distant cousin of the unicorn, was first spotted frolicking with butterflies in a field next to author A. R. Silverberry’s back yard.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Silverberry said. “He’s a creature right out of your dreams.”

Silverberry ran for his camera, but by the time he returned, the unicat was gone. An author of some renown, he was ready to chalk up the vision to too many martinis and late nights pecking away at his latest fantasy novel.

However, several other appearances of the cryptid convinced him something big was happening. He found tuffs of white fur caught on blades of grass near where the creature was playing. That’s not all he discovered. “All around the area lay a dusting of what I can only describe as stardust,” he recalls.

Knowing something extraordinary was afoot, he collected samples and sent them off to Cambridge University professor, Durslan Myers. A professor emeritus of both physical anthropology and cultural zoology, Dr. Myers was flabbergasted. “Cryptids are animals believed to exist in the wild, such as Bigfoot or Nessie, but are not recognized by science.”

One look at the samples forced Myers to question his assumptions about the validity of eyewitness reports. He ran genomic and spectrographic analysis on the samples. The results were nothing less than astounding. “While sharing characteristics with felis silvestris, this creature has DNA found nowhere else in nature. Even more astonishing, spectrography of the dust Silverberry collected revealed light emitting from inside the substance.”

Encouraged this wasn’t an elaborate hoax, Silverberry set up motion-activated cameras around and inside his home. He caught this remarkable picture of the unicat exploring his living room:


Legend has it that if you’re lucky enough to see a unicat, they will endow you with great fortune. For this happy author, the myth may be true. Shortly after his sighting, Silverberry sealed a four-book deal with Simon and Schuster for ET and the Mermaid, A Love Story.

Perhaps we should all leave cream on our doorstep in the hope that this rare creature blesses us with a visit.

International Children’s Book Day

April Foolery aside, this month boasts International Children’s Book Day. I thought I’d share some of my favorite books for kids and teens.

The Girl Who Swam To Atlantis, by Elle Thornton

A heartfelt coming-of-age tale with beautifully drawn characters. A timeless and powerful story. The Audible reading by Lindsey Gast is superb. Ages 12 – up.

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi

Avi is one of my favorite children’s writers. And this might be my favorite of his books. I reread it recently. It was even better than I remembered. I love how Charlotte stands up to one of the wickedest villains in children’s literature and triumphs. If you haven’t read it, don’t miss this Newberry Honor Book. Ages 12 – up.

Terrific by Jon Agee

Children will relate to the adult main character, who journeys from grumpy and pessimistic to happy and optimistic. Ages 5 – 8.

The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

Before The Hunger Games, there was this dark YA sci-fi adventure. A National Book Award winner. Ages 13 – up.

The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein

Silverstein had the rare gift of writing to all ages. This heartwarming fable is no exception. Alongside Where the Sidewalk Ends, it’s a classic.

To celebrate the day, I’m offering a free sample of my fantasy novel, Wyndano’s Cloak, perfect for ages 10 – Up.

A sinister shapeshifter threatens to shatter Jen’s world.

She has once chance to stop them,

With a magical cloak, too dangerous to use …

Purchase Wyndano’s Cloak, on sale now:


Barnes and Noble

Or you can purchase the beautiful limited-edition hardback, only available from me. On my Home Page, look below the scroll for the hardback purchase link, just above the original cover.

What children’s books do you cherish? Shoot me an email. I’ll share everyone’s suggestions next month.

In the News

My YA sci-fi novel, Shadow House, was short-listed for Foreword Indies Book of the Year award. I’m thrilled to be in the running!

Looking for more children’s books for that special angel or the young at heart? You can find free books and samples here:

Free Books for Kids and Young Adults

Free Books for Kids and Young Adults

Wishing you an abundant spring,

A. R. Silverberry

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