10 Reasons Virtual Book Tours Blow Actual Ones Away

Neurotically Yours, By Bonnie Trachtenberg

Neurotically Yours, By Bonnie Trachtenberg

Top 10 Reasons Virtual Book Tours Blow Actual Ones Away, by Bonnie Trachtenberg, Author of Neurotically Yours, A Novel


#10. You’ll save money. We all know how expensive flying can be and it’s not just the airfare. Expenses also include hotels, taxis, meals, and other miscellaneous incidentals. It can sure add up quickly and the worst part is that you’re not even on vacation!


#9. You’ll reach more people. One of the miracles of modern business was the invention of the internet, where you can reach out to new clients or in my case, new readers, on an immense scale. These days, it’s a lot more likely you’ll find people surfing the net then scouring the streets in search of goods or services. Why? Because we are lazy. Why else? Because we can!


#8. You won’t have to worry about people showing up to your event all at one time, in one place, or during inclement weather. It’s really a bummer when you spend the money, time and energy flying into a city for a book signing only for a snowstorm to wipe out any chance you have for attracting a crowd. Don’t like leaving your livelihood up to Mother Nature? You never have to worry about that on a virtual book tour. Blackouts, yes; snowstorms, no.


#7. Agoraphobics are welcome. Up until recently, you’d have a very rough time selling any books if you suffered from agoraphobia. Now, agoraphobics can be authors too. Afraid to leave your house? No problem. Order in some Chinese food and settle down at your computer. You’ll be just as productive—and save a fortune on sedatives.


#6. You can sleep in your own bed every night. I don’t know about you, but staying at a hotel for a couple of nights almost guarantees me a trip to the chiropractor when I return home. A virtual book tour lets you lounge in the comfort of your own home and your own bed. And if you spent as much money on yours as I did on mine, you’ll be happy to get the use out of it.


#5. You will avoid the anxiety of airport screening machines. Who needs to wonder if your nude image is making its way from monitor to monitor for personal viewing, while you’re on your way to Toledo? Avoid the intrusion and the humiliation (not to mention the radiation) with a virtual book tour.


#4. You can multitask. That’s right. While I’m answering interview questions and writing guest blogs, I can also eat lunch, answer phone calls, obsessively check my email, and even purchase some cute new summer tops…Sorry, I’m back now and you have my full attention.


#3. You can relax. Whether you have chronic fatigue (like me) or just general life exhaustion, it’s nice to know that you can undertake a virtual book tour with a minimal amount of physical exertion. In fact, about the worst affliction you can suffer is carpal tunnel syndrome.


#2. You won’t have to worry if your husband/wife remembered to feed the cats. If you don’t have cats, insert dog here. If you don’t have a dog, try goldfish, turtle, hamster—you get the picture. Notice I’m not worried about the kids.

And the number one reason a virtual book tour beats the heck out of an actual one is:


#1. You can do it in your pajamas!



Bonnie Trachtenberg is the author of the recently released romantic comedy Neurotically Yours: A Novel and the bestselling, award-winning book Wedlocked: A Novel. She writes a monthly relationship and advice column for LoveaHappyEnding.com. She was senior writer and copy chief at Book-of-the-Month Club and has written seven children’s book adaptations. Trachtenberg lives in New York with her husband, four cats and a dog.



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Bonnie Trachtenberg, Author of Neurotically Yours, A Novel

Bonnie Trachtenberg, Author of Neurotically Yours, A Novel

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