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Wyndano's Cloak, By A. R. Silverberry

Wyndano’s Cloak, By A. R. Silverberry

Book Tour Services!


Below is a short list of Book Tour Services I’ve participated in as a host or which an author friend referred me to. Some people have told me they use more than one service! Stop by periodically, as I’ll add to this list. Prices may change since the date of this post. Results (sales, reviews) are not guaranteed with any service.


Juniper Grove Book Solutions


Juniper Grove Book Solutions provides Book Blasts ($40, plus Giveaway, 20-25 blogs) Book Blitzes ($30, 20-25 blogs), Cover Reveal Blitzes ($30, one day, 20 blogs), Scavenger Hunts ($35, one day, 20 blogs), and Virtual Book Tours (Up to 20-25 blogs at $75). Other book tour packages can be customized (tours that features multiple authors, have a theme, and/or that features multiple books in a series.) I’ve interacted with Laurie, who’s an author herself, and she great to work with!


I.O. Book Tours


Provides a number of packages reasonably priced. For example, you can get a three-week tour of 15-17 stops for $75. You’ll receive a variety of book reviews, interviews, guest blogs, and excerpts.


Beck Valley Books


Beck Valley Books gives you a dedicated tour coordinator. They arrange reviews and tours, including interviews, guest posts, tour button, and Giveaway contest, at a cost of $15 per stop. Additional promotional addons are available.


Fiction Addiction


Fiction Addiction provides a variety of packages, including Cover Reveal, Standard Package (reviews, interviews, playlists, giveaways, and guest posts with up to 20 stops), and a one-day Promo Blitz. For package prices, use their contact form.


Book Review Tours


Book Review Tours provides Cover Reveals, Book Blasts, Release Day Blitzes, Scavenger Hunts, and Review Tours. Contact Debdatta for prices.

YA Bound Book Tours


Offers a range of affordable services including tours from 15 stops for $50 to 50 stops for $200; Book Blitz, Cover Reveals, Review Query Service, Social Media Book Blitz, and Trailer Reveal.


Mascquerade Book Tours


Offers the usual services. Posted the following stats:

Website averages over 100,000 hits a month, 69,000 Twitter followers, 1800 Facebook likes, and 5000 friends on Goodreads.


Girl’s Heart Book Tours


Offers Cover Reveals, Release Day Events, Book Blitz/Promo Events, and Virtual Tours at affordable prices.

Promotional Book Tours

Offers a wide range of reasonably priced services. Here’s a short list of their tours, but they offer much more: Pre-Release Buzz Builder, Release Day Promotional Blast,Promotional Contest Blast, Reviews Tours, Value Tours, Social Media Campaign, Social Media Campaign, and Twitter Chat.

Fabulosity Reads Book Tours



The Stream, by A. R. Silverberry

The Stream, by A. R. Silverberry

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