Destiny: New Avalon

Destiny, by Andrea Buginsky

Destiny, by Andrea Buginsky

I’m thrilled to have author Andrea Buginsky join us today to discuss her new YA fantasy series, Destiny, New Avalon, Book I.


What inspired the Avalon series?


I love King Arthur stories, especially the stories of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake. I remembered a TV movie I saw years ago called “The Mists of Avalon,” which focused on the women of Avalon. I loved that movie, and I wanted to create a series that brought them back to life, in current times.


What’s the story about?


Elena Baxter is a shy teenager who gets picked on a lot at school. On her sixteenth birthday, she finds out about a family legacy that she is a huge part of, as well as the power of telekinesis, and her entire world changes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help matters at school, and her power gets out of hand. She is taken to New Avalon, a school where she can learn to control her powers. While there, her world changes even more drastically.


What does your main character, Elena, yearn for?


Friendship and acceptance. She has never been one of the “popular” girls at school, and has always felt like an outsider. She wants desperately to make a connection with people her own age, and feel like she belongs somewhere.


Tell us about some of the other characters.


There are four other girls Elena meets at New Avalon:

Izzy, Elena’s roommate, takes Elena under her wing and helps guide her around New Avalon. Izzy has a very friendly personality that reaches out to Elena’s shy nature and pulls her in. But she has a dark secret that she’s been carrying around for the past few years.

Mia is the oldest of the group. She takes the other girls under her wing like a protective big sister. When Elena arrives at New Avalon, Mia is among the first to accept her into their group.

Rebecca is one of the two youngest members of the group. She is often regarded as the little sister, and is usually very quiet with the group. She speaks her mind when she has something to say, and looks out for her closest friends.

April is the other youngest member of the group. Though she’s not as shy as Rebecca, and will speak her mind, she is very respectful of her older Avalonian sisters, and trusts them with her life.

In addition to the girls, there are the teachers at New Avalon. But the other main character is Isabel:

Isabel is the leader of the Avalonians, and Elena’s godmother. She is the one who tells Elena of her destiny.


Can you share a short excerpt showing Elena’s telekinesis?


(Lady Jane, Beginners Magic teacher) “I see we have our work cut out for us. That’s ok.  It’s pretty much what I expected from someone so new to her powers.  Most of the time, you girls are like that.  Always used to having everything come to you easily, not wanting to work hard for what you want.  Very spoiled, if you ask me.”

Elena gasped and replied in a very angry tone.

“Excuse me? I’ve had to work plenty hard to get where I am today. School never came easy to me, and I don’t have many friends, so I’m always studying, always trying to do better.  So don’t tell me I don’t know how to work hard for what I want!”

As she began yelling louder and louder, the chair suddenly rose up and flew across the room.

“There!  That’s what I wanted to see!”

Elena blushed and the other girls laughed.

“I’m sorry, but I had to push you. I needed to see what you really can do.  Now, we just have to work on you doing it without me pissing you off first.”

She smiled, and Elena burst out laughing, which made the chair move across the floor once again.


Fun! Who would enjoy the book?


Anyone who likes YA fantasy, magic, and witchcraft.


What was your approach to plotting the series?


I actually started the first book as my manuscript for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) several years ago. I’ve worked on it slowly on-and-off over the years. This year, I decided I wanted to finish it. As I was working on it, I realized I went a bit off-track, but the material was great for a second story, and the series was born.


The second book focuses on Izzy, so I decided that each book would focus on one of the girls in particular. When I’m done, I plan to have at least five books in the series; one for each of the five girls.


You’ve written some other books. Tell us about them!


I have another series called The Chosen, a middle-grade fantasy. I published two of the books, have written the first draft of the third, and came up with a concept for the fourth. But I put that series on the back burner when I focused on New Avalon.


I also published My Open Heart, an autobiography of growing up with heart disease. I wanted to share my story with other adolescents who are growing up with heart disease or other chronic conditions, as well as parents of children with them. It’s a survival story. My wish is that it will bring hope to my readers’ lives.



What’s ahead for you?


More books in the New Avalon series and, eventually, more books in The Chosen series.


I also have an idea for another series for middle-graders based on some special characters that are featured in New Avalon.


Thanks for stopping by, Andrea! Readers can follow you and find a purchase link for Destiny below.

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Andrea Buginsky is a freelance writer and author. “The Chosen,” a middle-grade fantasy novelette was her first book, and was followed by “My Open Heart,” an autobiography about growing up with heart disease. “Nature’s Unbalance” is the second story in THE CHOSEN series. Andrea is currently working on NEW AVALON, a YA fantasy series. Book 1, “Destiny,” is available on Amazon. To learn more about Andrea, visit her on her website.


Andrea Buginsky, Author of DESTINY, NEW AVALON

Andrea Buginsky, Author of DESTINY, NEW AVALON



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DESTINY Blog Tour!



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