Diversion To Urasha

Diversion To Urasha, by Laura Hogwood

Diversion To Urasha, by Laura Hogwood


It’s Spotlight Sunday, and author Laura Hopgood has stopped by to tell us about her science fiction fantasy novel, Diversion To Urasha. Without further ado, please welcome Laura Hopgood!


Tell us a little about yourself!


I’m a 25-year-old writer from the UK. I’d definitely consider myself to be quite a geek! I’ve always been a shy person, often zoning out into my own daydreams, so one day I decided to put that to good use and write my debut novel! Writing is my biggest passion in life.


What inspired you to write Diversion To Urasha?


I’ve always been a really shy person throughout my life. Growing up,

I never really fitted in at school, so whilst other people were out

socializing with each other, I was always at home in my own little



When I left sixth form (college), I was in between several temporary

jobs, and I ended up very depressed for a few years. I found my

release through writing. At first, I would write poetry, and share my

poems to my friends on Facebook. The feedback I received was great,

and I found it therapeutic to turn my negative emotions into something

positive and creative. Around this time, I also developed a very big

interest in the Universe. Realizing how vast and huge the Universe is

really helped me to put things into perspective.


I found further escapism through reading, and one day, an idea just

came to me.


At first, I envisioned my idea like a film, but then I thought to myself:

“You know what? I’m going to write this!” I developed the plot in my

head, adding my interest of the Universe into it. I also decided to

continue with the therapeutic aspect of my writing, venting out my

emotions through my characters.


I guess you could say that life and the Universe inspired me to write.

Both made me want to strive for better things in my life, and both

helped me to come up with the plot and the characters of my book.


What’s the novel about, and who would enjoy it?


Diversion To Urasha is a sci-fi/fantasy novel. However, although the

novel is primarily set on other planets, I feel it is more fantasy than

science fiction. It’s not as hardcore as a lot of other sci-fi novels. It’s

more character driven.


A human space warrior, James, sets off on a rescue mission to

Nebowska with his human allies, however, the ship is forced to crash

land on Urasha. James then sets off on a whole new adventure through

the dangerous Urashan wilderness with the Urashan Prince and

Princess. Not only is the story jam packed with fantasy and action, it

also has a lot of character building too!


I’ve had one professional freelance reader say that science fiction isn’t

usually her chosen genre, yet she couldn’t put the book down once she

started reading it because it had a perfect balance of everything, which

she felt that some other sci-fi books lacked. There was just as much

character building as there was action. The reader further suggested

that my book was suitable for film and television.


Another reader, who later reviewed my book, said that his daughter

likened my novel to books such as ‘The Hunger Games’ and

‘Twilight’. He also messaged me on Twitter to say that the book

reminded her of Star Trek too. These words were really flattering,

because I have read and watched those books/films and loved them!

It was my aim to write a story which had that Universal appeal to

everyone, and by the looks of it, I hopefully achieved it!


What does your hero, James, yearn for?


I think James yearns to follow in his late father’s footsteps, and to

make him and his mother proud. James is a very determined

individual, and he likes to see things through to the end. James’

goals probably change throughout the book. At first, he’s

determined to go to Nebowska, and to not let any harm come to

his best friend, Lottie. Then he’s determined to obtain the healing

stone once he’s on Urasha. Then, as he gets to know the Urashan

Princess, Crystaline, James is determined to befriend her and help



How did you approach the science in James’s universe, such as space travel?


Luckily, I have a big interest in the Universe, so I watch a lot of TV

programs and documentaries on space!


In my story, humans can travel through space via wormholes. The

Nebowskans are a well-traveled species who basically show the

humans how to master space travel. The Nebowskans show the

humans how to build ships with gravity chambers in their decks.

They show the humans the locations of the wormholes.


From watching documentaries, I’ve drawn my own conclusion that

other planets which harbor life probably have a similar composition

to our very own planet Earth. The planets may look totally different to

Earth, but they’re all made up of similar stuff. And they’re of a similar

temperature and distance from their sun.


You’re working on book two! What’s your approach to working out the plot of the series?


Before I’d finished book one, I’d already mapped out most of book

two in my head, as well as certain aspects of book three and four. I

find that music is a great inspiration for me when it comes to dreaming

up a lot of my scenes, particularly the ones involving action!


What’s ahead for you?


I’m currently writing book two, whilst trying to promote book one.

Book two is a lot darker than book one, and I’m hoping to add an

element of horror into it as well as the sci-fi/fantasy element of book

Who knows where this journey will take me in the long term future.

For now, I just have this goal to keep on writing, and to share what I

write with the world.


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Laura Hopgood, Author of Diversion To Urasha

Laura Hopgood, Author of Diversion To Urasha


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