FKBT Features The Tear of Tybaleth!

The Tear of Tybaleth, Fantasy Novel by A. R. Silverberry

The Tear of Tybaleth, Fantasy Novel by A. R. Silverberry

The Tear of Tybaleth Featured on FKBT!

FKBT features The Tear of Tybaleth.

FKBT (Free Kindle Books and Tips) featured my latest fantasy novel, The Tear of Tybaleth, today under New Releases On Kindle! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the presentation of the book or the results. I had a huge uptick in sales!

About FKBT.

FKBT is an interactive blog providing Kindle tips (I could really use those, as I don’t get much past the basics!) author interviews, special and discounted Kindle book deals, and much more. FKBT is an awesome service for both readers and authors. Readers become of aware of fabulous books they might not hear about otherwise. Authors have an opportunity to feature their book deals and find a larger audience. With 150K email subscribers, authors can reach new readers. Of course, that number can vary by genre. But still! And check this out: more than 600,000+ people read the blog using their free reader app for Kindle Fire or Android devices, like phones and tablets.

I’m most appreciative of FKBT’s Michael Gallagher for letting The Tear of Tybaleth slide past his requirements, as he usually does not feature books that are not the first in a series. I get the logic. His readers can be upset to purchase a book, only to discover that they’re entering a story midstream. But Tear, though part of a series, may be read as a standalone novel. I truly appreciate that Michael responded to my message apprising him of that fact.

FKBT is a blog well worth following. Be sure to Like and Follow them Facebook and Twitter!

About The Tear of Tybaleth.

An idea started percolating in the back of my mind: what was happening in Purpura before events in the my first novel, Wyndano’s Cloak? I had some things to go on.

1. There was a pretty bad actor in Naryfel, the queen of Purpura. In fact, they don’t come any worse. She was spiteful, vengeful, relentless, and if that’s not bad enough, she commanded a hefty arsenal of sorcery.

2. There was a resistance, striving against her.

3. There were some determined characters pitted against her. I began to wonder what they had been up to before Jenren took up Wyndano’s Cloak.

And so the Chronicles of Purpura was born, tales of brave fighters striving against a dangerous adversary. While the stories are interconnected, with overlapping characters, they may be read as standalones.

The Tear of Tybaleth is a fantasy adventure, but with strong romantic elements, and the audience is adults and teens. The story begins twenty-six years before the start of Wyndano’s Cloak.

BTW, a third volume in the series, a pirate story, is in the works, carrying on the tale of Briar, Tear’s heroine.

You can learn more about Wyndano’s Cloak here, here, and here. You can learn more about me here. The Tear of Tybaleth can be purchased on Amazon, and it’s on sale now!

Happy Reading!

A. R. Silverberry

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