Love, Friendship, and Fantasy in ENLIGHTENED


Enlightened, By Devyn Dawson

Enlightened, By Devyn Dawson

I’m thrilled to have Devyn Dawson stopping by today on her Blog Tour for her new novel, Enlightened, book two of The Light Tamer trilogy. Devyn is a full time author of young adult fantasy fiction. Here’s what people are saying about Enlightened:I am so in love with all these characters,” “Enlightened by Devyn Dawson blew me away! . . . I could not put it down and finished it in one sitting,” “I really love love love this book!!!!” Do I have your attention! Let’s learn more about the story, and this talented author!


Silverberry: What gave you the idea for Enlightened?


Devyn: The series was stemmed from a phenomenon I’ve experienced my entire life. I noticed lights go out when I’m around. I can drive down the street, and the lights will go out as I pass by. A few years ago, when Google was new to me, I looked it up to solve my curiosity. I found out I’m not alone. My children also experience the anomaly. I decided it would make an interesting story if I spun it into a paranormal tale.

Silverberry: What's the story about, in five words or less?


Devyn: Friendship, mythology, first love, youthful, family.

Silverberry: What does your heroine, Jessie, yearn for?


Devyn: Jessie yearns for answers to the mythology that has taken over her life.


Silverberry: Young Adult literature is now at an all time high in popularity. Why do you think that is, and what draws you to write in this genre?


Devyn: When I started reading YA books, I found them to be imaginative. JK Rowling and her books are probably the reason behind many YA authors. The teens who read my books, haven’t been jaded by the world and real life. The adults who read my books are escaping their life. I think that’s what draws readers to YA, because there is a fantasy to the story. I have 28 nieces and nephews, I wanted to write a series I wouldn’t mind them reading. (most of my nieces and nephews are in their 30’s, but a few are under 14)

Silverberry: What will readers who love YA find in your books?


Devyn: They will find themselves remembering their first love, and friendship. Amber is the comedic relief in the book. She specializes in snarky comments, and everyone loves a good laugh. This series is targeted at 12 - 15 year old girls. It is mostly innocent, clean, and fantasy fulfilling. Who doesn’t dream of the perfect mate?

Silverberry: You've done a fabulous job building interest in your work. How did you accomplish that?


Devyn: My goodness, what a road I’ve traveled. When I put out my first book, The Legacy of Kilkenny, I was incredibly naïve about the indie world. Thankfully, I met another Indie that held my hand, and she showed me the marketing strategies. I’m fortunate enough to write full time. Social networking is crucial in this world of writing. I’m not good at tweeting, so I make up for it on my Facebook page. I host giveaways, and that brings the excitement for my books. I read on a blog one time, you can’t just promote your books, but promote others like you. I’m lucky enough to be partnered with the amazing Quinn Loftis. She has the first chapter of my book at the back of her book. I do the same (although I don’t have one at the end of Enlightened yet).


My advice to all authors, regardless if mainstream or indie…get in with bloggers. Bloggers and fans are what sell your books. Contact your local newspaper and ask them to do an article about you. If you don’t have your book in print, hold a meet and greet. I contacted the mall and they let me come in on a Saturday and tell people about my book.


I know my answer is long but I have one more suggestion. Get an account on they offer free stuff all of the time. Flyers are free about twice a month. They are great quality. I uploaded my book cover and had them printed. You get 25 for free. I have games and give them away as a ‘mini-poster’ - many of the teens frame them and hang them in their room!

Silverberry: What is your approach to crafting stories?


Devyn:I start with an outline, I don’t always follow it, but it helps. I write from beginning to end, even though I know how it will end.


Silverberry: What's one question you wished someone would ask, but no one has?


Devyn: Is Devyn your real name? The answer is no. My real name is Stefanie, and in public I forget I’m Devyn. Last year at the Breaking Dawn opening, was my first experience with a fan calling out Devyn. My son said, “Mom, that’s you”… how funny! I use a pen name because of the very famous Stephenie who writes YA books. LOL

Silverberry: What's ahead for you?


Devyn: My WIP is Sapphire, a Werewolf Love Story - is a novella about two adult characters in my Legacy of Kilkenny series. The Great Wolf, is the next novel I’ll write - it is outlined. Light Bound, is the final installment of The Light Tamer trilogy


I plan on having 3 more books (secret series) completed after Light Bound.


Silverberry: Readers can learn more about you, read a synopsis of Enlightened, find links to your website, and purchase the book below! Thanks so much for dropping by!


Devyn: Thank you for having me - I’m honored to be on an award-winning author’s blog!


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Devyn Dawson, Author of Enlightened

Devyn Dawson, Author of Enlightened


Author Bio: Devyn is a full time writer, wife and pet owner. She’s been writing since she was a small child. Her first office job was working for a publisher and data entry of manuscripts. She literally typed them and saved them on real ‘floppy discs’. When she was in high school back in the 80’s, she would read Stephen King one day and Sweet Valley High the next day. She said one day she’d find a way to merge the two books.


Currently Devyn and her husband of 19 years live in New Bern, North Carolina. Devyn is originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and still refers to it as home. She has two adult children, Paris and Hunter. When she realized she would be facing an empty nest and family so far away, she decided to write about characters to entertain her. Her new series The Light Tamer, is about friendship, relationships and falling in love. The Light Tamer series is a younger young adult book, the one that takes you back to the beginning before being jaded. It offers characters that are both good and flawed. Throw in some mythology and you’re in for a quick trip that will leave you breathless and enlightened.


Enlightened Synopsis:

Jessie Lucente, a Light Tamer, has started her junior year at Parca Academy in New Bern, NC. She has a new boyfriend, Caleb Baldwin. He is beyond good looking, he is her mate for life. They’ve been bound by the light and will rule and heal with it too. Her new classes aren’t what she expected. Finding out the school is filled with ‘gifted’ kids is almost too much to comprehend. She finds out what it really means to be a Light Tamer. Some of the assumptions she had are debunked and now everything is crystal clear…well, clear as mud. Now that she is enlightened with the facts, she struggles with the truth.

Thorne Woodson has all of the girls swooning. His Doc Martens and hoodie stand out against his school uniform. He might be the guy to heal Amber’s broken, grieving heart. What’s his story, and why does he appear everywhere Jessie is? He has a secret that will change the game for everyone. Who is he in cahoots with?

Amber starts her junior year with a bang and a huge crush. She has a point to prove on the first day of school. She refuses to let everyone believe she went soft over summer break. Her shenanigans end with detention on the first day. The anniversary of her brother’s death has her making dumb decisions but her friends have her back. Jessie will struggle to help Amber deal with the grief.

The secrets that have been revealed by Fate will leave Jessie in a new role. It will all come down to bloodline versus logic. She must step up and embrace her new title, and life on the other side of the shimmer. With her small army together, they promise to vanquish Nyx back to the Underworld and seal the portal she came through.

The second book in The Light Tamer trilogy will answer the questions that are burning in your head. A beautiful tale of first love and friendship. Be prepared to be amazed at the twist in this story. You didn’t see it coming, but you’ll be glad it did!

Enlightened Blog Tour

Enlightened Blog Tour




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