Meet FSF Net Author, Lynette White

The Enemy Within, by Lynette White

The Enemy Within, by Lynette White


Today on Meet the Author, please join me for an interview with Fantasy Science Fiction Network (FSFN) member, Lynette White. Lynette stopped by to talk about writing her fantasy novel, The Enemy Within.


Tell us a little about yourself.


I grew up in Central Montana and as such I had a lot of time to read books. By the late 70’s I joined the D&D craze and was introduced to Tracy Hickman and Margret Weiss. Fantasy was my new love. An English teacher in high school was the first person to tell me I had a gift for writing. Three decades came and went before I seriously considered writing. Though I primarily write fantasy, I have dabbled in fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, short plays, and have even written lyrics for a song. I have two sons who are very active in the world of Professional BBQ. They are both married and I have been blessed with three beautiful granddaughters.


What inspired you to write The Enemy Within?


Funny story about that. As I mentioned above I was a willing participant in the D&D craze and later AD&D. The characters, world, and concept behind The Enemy Within are the result of my years as a gamer. A few years ago I decided to retire my world and the characters from active gaming. It was a natural transition from the gaming table to the published novel. The story behind the Destiny Series was never a part of the game, but the readers will pick out the common threads.


What does your hero, Shadoe Van Ives, yearn for?


Shadoe’s initial driving force is justice. What he struggles with is what form of justice. Does he exact swift street justice to rid himself of the problem, or the slower legal justice for the sake of all the innocent victims. As the death toll rises, and the threat against the Twin Cities becomes more dangerous, Shadoe realizes justice is no longer his concern. Somehow, he must survive long enough to save the cities from complete destruction.


What’s the novel about and who would enjoy it?


The Enemy Within is a fast-paced story. As Shadoe unravels a conspiracy so dark that it threatens to destroy the very fabric of his world, he fights with his own demons. When he can no longer trust the people around him, he turns to those who are the most loyal to him. The twist is Shadoe’s power in two opposing worlds and how that power places him in the perfect position to be the hero.

If you are looking for a story with clear-cut heroes and villains this is not the story for you. This is a story about human nature and how justification of actions are easier in the gray zone. Illusion plays a big part in this story as the main characters carefully build two sides of their lives. One the world sees, and one that remains hidden in the shadows. Readers who like quick twists to the story will enjoy this series. Just when you think you have the story figured out I promise everything will take an abrupt turn.


What do you think makes for great fantasy fiction?


Fantasy readers are unique in that they want to be drawn into another world and enjoy every facet of it. They want to experience the world through the eyes of the characters. They want to share the character’s pain, relish the hero’s success, mingle with the odd races, and treasure the journey through an unknown world. As authors we need to provide that experience or our books will end up as doorstops.


Who are some of your biggest influences as a writer?


Without question Tracy Hickman and Margret Weiss. However, I am also a big fan of Raymond Feist Rita Mae Brown, Sidney Sheldon, and even Agatha Christie.


How do you approach crafting a novel?


First I formulate a basic storyline, decide on the theme, and then create the characters. Once I have the basic bone structure I go from there by creating through lines, the sub stories, etc.


What’s ahead for you?


I am currently working on book two of the Destiny Series, Enemy Unmasked. I am also still active in the linkedin group 750 Writers group. That group is planning to publish four more books by the end of the year, making it twelve books to my credit. I am planning to release Enemy Unmasked by early 2015 and the third book in the series Darkest Night by this time next year.


Synopsis of The Enemy Within:


Betrayal and murder are on the agenda and the battle lines are lost in the haze. Two cities stand on the brink of destruction and one man can stop it. Salaria Second Commander Shadoe Van Ives is no stranger to having enemies, but when he realizes that one of his nearest has betrayed him, he no longer knows who he can trust. Yet he must find someone before the Twin Cities are destroyed.


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About Lynette White:


Lynette is a native of central Montana. After graduating from the Tracy Hickman writing course ‘Scribe’s Forge’, Lynette began the transition toward Professional Author. Her passion for life is reflected in her short stories and novels. Lynette joined an active group of writers who share their talent in a series of short story anthologies. Those works are available on Amazon and also Barnes and Noble. The Enemy Within is her debut solo novel.


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Lynette White, Author of THE ENEMY WITHIN

Lynette White, Author of THE ENEMY WITHIN

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