Only a Glow: Nichelle Rae Author Interview

Only a Glow, By Nichelle Rae

Only a Glow, By Nichelle Rae



I’m thrilled to have fantasy author, Nichelle Rae, joining us today. Nichelle is the author of Only a Glow, the first volume of The White Warrior series. One look at the book’s trailer (on her website), and you’ll want to grab a copy!

Silverberry: What do you think makes fantasy an enduring genre?


Nichelle Rae: I think it endures for a few reasons. First, the idea of magic is based on nothing in reality, and people that read books often want to escape reality, and there is no more complete way to do that then to dive into a world of magic which is not real. Second, I also think the characteristics of fantasy characters are so lacking in the world these days that people, again, want to dive into a world with an abundance of nobility, honor, bravery, loyal friendships and such deep love that friends fight for and die for friends. Finally fantasy books are often (if not always) adventurous and people can participate in the adventure of the characters from the safety of their own home.


Silverberry: What inspired you to write Only a Glow?


Nichelle Rae: I was obsessed with the Lord of the Rings movies when they first came out (I saw Fellowship of the Ring 23 times in theaters just to give you an idea of the insanity). But for me, there weren’t enough tough females in the books (or movies) and I’m a sucker for a tough female heroine. So, being a bored 19 year old, I started writing my own version of Lord of the Rings with an added main character named Azrel. As the story progressed Azrel starting to take on a life of her own and her story started to lead away from the Lord of the Rings plot. When I realized this, I just shrugged and decided to follow her. Lo and behold! Two years later The White Warrior series was born.


Silverberry: What’s the novel about, and who would enjoy it?


Nichelle Rae: Only A Glow is the first book in my epic new fantasy series, The White Warrior. Azrel, her brother Rabryn, and her best friend Ortheldo journey across their land to try to save the world from another age of the Shadow Gods rule.

Along the way they realize something is wrong with Azrel’s White Warrior magic that causes Azrel to uncharacteristically lose her temper, in sometimes violent ways, against her brother and best friend. Rabryn and Ortheldo have to try to find out what’s wrong with Azrel’s magic because her magic is the only power that will cause the Shadow Gods to stumble and fail in taking over the world again.

I think any and every fantasy genre fan would enjoy my series. I read a lot of fantasy books, and you can’t help but take away something from reading as much as I do, LOL. The White Warrior series has every element of a great fantasy story and I even managed to add a unique twist in the plot concerning what’s wrong with Azrel’s magic.


Silverberry: What does your heroine, Azrel, yearn for?


Nichelle Rae: To bring honor back to her scorned father’s name as The White Warrior. That is the only thing that drives her on through her hardships and peril of her adventure. She loved her father very much and he was an incredibly great White Warrior who single handedly brought the world back from an age of Shadow. The world hating him the way it does now, burns Azrel’s blood more than anything else and she wants to fix it. But she wrestles with the doubt and uncertainty in her abilities as The White Warrior and fears that she actually will not bring honor back to her father’s name.


Silverberry: What was your approach to crafting the plot, and how far into the series have you worked it out?


Nichelle Rae: I am a “fly by the seat of your pants” author. I just write. I don’t outline or plan anything. I have no idea how, or where, a book of mine is going to end. The White Warrior series is completely done, only hand written in 27, 5-subject notebooks that I have to type out. When I wrote the series I had no idea how it was going to end, so some of the plot in the middle that won’t make sense with the ending is going to have to change or be taken out. Because my series is so long I won’t know what needs to change or be taken out until I come across it as I type the books out.


Silverberry: What was your approach to building Azrel’s world?


Nichelle Rae: LOL See previous question. I didn’t plan or approach anything in any organized form. I just sat down and wrote.


Silverberry: What have been the biggest influences on your writing?


Nichelle Rae: Probably a lot of the fantasy authors I have read, in one way or another, have shaped my writing. But it was The Lord of the Rings movies that influenced the actual series.


Silverberry: What advice do you have for would-be writers?


Nichelle Rae: If you’re self publishing, make friends and connections with bloggers right off the bat. Bloggers are the marketing tool for self published authors. Without them promotion is near impossible.


Silverberry: What’s ahead for you?


Nichelle Rae: I’m currently typing up book #3 in The White Warrior series titled “Steady Burn.” I also have 4 separate trilogies waiting on the back burner that I’ve begun. I’m just waiting to get all The White Warrior series books out.


Silverberry: Thanks for stopping by, Nichelle! Readers can follow you and purchase your books at the following the links!







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