Silverberry Attending Awards Banquet

2010 Gold Readers Favorite AwardI’m excited to be attending the Readers Favorite Awards Banquet in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 6th, from 9 AM – 12 PM. Wyndano’s Cloak was the gold-medal winner in the Preteen category. I looked over the list winners, and I’m honored to be included among so many wonderful authors and books. I’m hoping to connect with many of them at the banquet. If you’re in Las Vegas, the banquet will be at the Alliante Casino Hotel, in the Scottsdale A Room. Stop on by. I’d love to meet you.

While I’m in Las Vegas, I’ll also be going to the Vegas Valley Book Festival. There’s quite a line up at the festival this year. The opening session celebrates children’s literature and writing for young adults, so you can bet I’ll be attending that talk, by award-winning bilingual storyteller, Joe Hayes (The Chewing Gum Rattler). Other sessions include Women of the West, Poetry and Conflict, Writers Workshops, poetry readings, and a fair with local authors. I’ll be in writing heaven, and will report here pearls of interest that I glean.

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