Southern Hospitality, Paranormal Urban Fantasy

Southern Hospitality, By Brien O'Raighne

Southern Hospitality, By Brien O’Raighne

Note to Parents: I haven’t read Southern Hospitality, but I understand it has erotic elements and strong language, making it unsuitable for children.

Author Brien O’Raighne stops by today to introduce Book 1 of his Southern Hospitality series, an Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, just released. First, a bit about Brien, in his own words:

“I am an author and artist. I am a family man, love my future wife, daughter, and son. My daughter is not biological, she is my future wife’s daughter, but she calls me Daddy.

“I love to write. It is a passion of mine. Some would say an obsession, but those don’t really support me when they call it an obsession.

“My writing usually combines my influences of Epic Fantasy, Sci-Fi Sagas, Paranormal, Classic Horror monsters, Superheroes and more. With what I like movie wise it would be hard for most people to understand some of my major influences in writing.

“My influences include: J.K. Rowling, E.B. White, Homer, William Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Chris Claremont, Lara Hama, Margaret Weis, Tracey Hickman, J Michael Strasczynski, Todd McFarlane, Scott Lobdell, Timothy Zahn, Roald Dahl, Cassandra Clare, amongst others.”

Synopsis of Southern Hospitality:

Destiny Phoenix returns to Storm City after a two-year absence.
She had been hunting her ex-husband, Chris Carpenter.
She lost track of the werewolf.
She, then, decides to meet up with an old friend, Elise Matthews.

It’s not long before Destiny is found by Chris.
All hell breaks loose.
Chris is nothing like he was when he and Destiny last met.

Terror and fear comes with his return.
This brings others into the situation.
Their lives change forever…

See sample of Chapter One Below!

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 Sample Chapter:

Chapter One: Return to Storm City

Lester’s Diner…

A lone biker, on a Harley-Davidson Fatboy, roars into a parking lot of a diner. The diner’s neon sign is sputtering with sparks from the cracks. The sign says Lester’s Diner.

The biker pulls into a spot. The bike stops. The biker kicks out the kickstand. The biker is wearing a pink and purple leather outfit. Her helmet is pink with purple ghost flames. On her back she carries a pink Eastsport backpack.

She disembarks the bike. The biker removes her helmet. She runs a hand through her pink hair. Her hair is cut in a short bob. Sweat runs down her forehead.

There is a scar running across the bridge of her nose. She sighs. The sun sets in the distance. I hope Elise is here.

The pink haired biker heads on into the diner. She shakes her head. With helmet in hand, the biker walks up to the counter.

A young black woman, wearing a blue and black polo over tan pants, greets her. The young woman’s name tag says LaShondra. “How many?” She has a smile on her face.

“Two. I have a friend meeting me here.”

LaShondra grabs two menus. She directs the biker to the right side of the dining room. LaShondra looks at the pink haired biker. “Table or booth?”

“Booth, please.”

LaShondra leads her to a booth along a glass partition near the back of the room. The biker sits her helmet down along with her backpack on one of the benches. She sits down next to them. LaShondra sets a menu on each side of the table.

“Your waiter will be with you shortly.”

“Thank you.”

The biker begins to scan the crowd within the diner. She notices the variety of denizens in the diner. The biker chuckles. “Hopefully there’s no trouble.”

She opens her backpack to check her gear. Inside the backpack are two custom ivory handled .45 caliber pistols. Each is loaded and ready to go in case of trouble. Stamped into the bottom of each is one letter. The letter L is on one for lycanthropes. The letter V is on the other for vampires.

Each is loaded with specialized bullets as well. The bullets for lycanthropes are tipped in silver. While the bullets for vampires are tipped in white oak ash. The bullets are specially made for her.

She turns to her left to see a young curly brunette enter the diner. She is wearing a white lab coat over a blue shirt and jeans.

LaShondra, the host, leads the young woman over towards the biker. The biker waves her hand to notify her friend. She gets up as the host brings the young brunette forth.

“Elise, you made it.” The biker hugs Elise.

“Wouldn’t miss it, Des. Like the new look.” Elise and Destiny sit down. “When did you get back in town?”

“Just now. Called you on the way in.”

“So, what brought you back?” Elise asks. “It’s been years since I’ve seen you.”

“Chris brought me back.” Destiny admits. “Been tracking him since his mind was torn apart.”

The waiter comes up to their table. He is dressed just like LaShondra. In his hand are a pencil and an order pad.

“What can I get you ladies to drink?”

“I’ll take a coffee.” Elise says.

“Diet Coke for me.” Destiny replies.

After jotting it down. He looks up. “Are you ready to order?”

“Give us a few moments.” Destiny says.

“All right. Be right back with those drinks.”

The waiter, then, walks away. Destiny watches as he strolls away. She licks her lips. “Um. Scrumptious.”

“Destiny!” Elise says. “You’re married!”

“Really?” Destiny retorts. “Sure doesn’t feel like it.”

Destiny breaks down and sobs. Elise pats her shoulder from across the table. “Look, I’m not sure I can help. I don’t know what to do.”

“I don’t either.” Destiny admits. “I lost track of Christopher a month ago. I thought he might return here. So I came here and sought you out hoping that you could help.”

“If he came back here…” Elise rubs her chin. “…he’d have to check in with an Alpha. Not sure that he’d get a warm reception, though. He and Michel have some bad blood between them.”

“I know.” Destiny sighs. Elise and Destiny, then, turn their heads towards the front of the diner. There is a loud argument coming from there.

Elise rolls her eyes. “Great.”

Destiny removes the two custom pistols from her backpack. She holsters them into pockets on her custom biker outfit. The two ladies start to head towards the front of the diner. They are not pleased.

As they near the front, Destiny and Elise can hear a person growling and another hissing. Destiny removes her pistols. She pulls the hammers back to arms them.

Destiny and Elise see the two arguing patrons. One patron is pale skinned. He is wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and matching tie. His hair is dark brown and slicked back. This patron is hissing.

The other patron has thick bushy brown hair with mutton chops. He is wearing a blue flannel shirt and jeans. This patron, who is growling, stands beside the table where his family is sitting.

“Cool it.” Destiny says as she aims the pistols at the two arguing patrons. “Go back to your party.” Both the vampire and the lycan back away from one another.

“Fine. I don’t want to be any closer to this dog than I have to be.” The vampire says. He turns and heads back towards his party. Others in his party sit while sipping on their drinks. Elise holds the lycan, who is growling.

Destiny holsters one pistol with the other still pointing at the lycan. He puts his hands in the air. “Whoa, kiddo. Please put the guns away. There is no need for it.”

“What’s going on?” Elise asks. “Why would you go and rile up a Sangre, Tom?”

“Not intentional. I promise.” Tom tells them. “I just came here to have dinner with Melanie and Marissa.”

Destiny holsters the remaining pistol. She, then, runs the back of her neck. “What I can’t understand from this is his motivation? Why stir trouble now?”

“Little lady, I couldn’t tell you.” Tom says. “Now do you two mind. I would like to get back to my dinner.”

“Of course. Nice to see you again, Tom. Melanie. Marissa.” Elise says. She leads Destiny back towards their table.

“Elise, what’s going on?” Destiny asks.

“I don’t know, Des.” Elise replies. They sit down at their table. “I am going to have to call my contacts. You might want to call on Brandon.”

“You think he can help?”

“He might know something we don’t.”

“You make a very good point.” Destiny gulps as the waiter returns with their drinks. “Maybe he’ll have some word on Chris.”

“Who knows, Des.” Elise stirs some creamer and sugar into her coffee. “Anything’s possible.”

“True.” Destiny runs a hand through her hair. “Very true.”

Brien O'Raighne, Author of Southern Hospitality

Brien O’Raighne, Author of Southern Hospitality

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