Super Computers in Sci-Fi

Dispassionate Lies, By Eileen Schuh

Dispassionate Lies, By Eileen Schuh

Science Fiction author, Eileen Schuh, swings by today for a guest post on super computers in Sci-Fi, and to tell us about her new release, Dispassionate Lies. Please welcome Eileen Schuh!

Super Computers in Sci-Fi

Guest Post by Eileen Schuh

I’m not sure why I’m fascinated with computers but every one of my novels has one. Perhaps because I’m a firm believer that ‘knowledge is power’ and I see computers as a source of knowledge—something that is especially apparent in my new release DISPASSIONATE LIES.

Although many fantasy and science fiction novels have amazing and powerful weapons and/or magic, this near-future tale has a super computer—and that’s all one needs to take over the world. Perhaps.

Because with the power of a quantum computer, one could simply ask for and receive advice on defending against any enemy’s weapon. Such a computer could analyze political situations and politicians and armies and in a nanosecond point out their weaknesses. It could provide the blueprints for indefensible weapons.

A super computer could break any encryption faster than the blink of an eye, instantaneously breach any security system, translate all languages—even those of the whale, perhaps. It could read the history of the universe from the stars and the history of mankind from its graveyards and bones. It could see our future. It would accumulate knowledge, store knowledge and ultimately create knowledge—continuously. Forever.

Yes, whoever is the master of such a machine would indeed hold the world in the palm of her hand…

Find out what Ladesque does with that power in DISPASSIONATE LIES.


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