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Beach Reads Bonanza!

Tweet Get out the sunscreen and umbrellas, I’m taking part in the Beach Reads Bonanza, which runs from 6/7 – 6/13. Come and celebrate your love of reading and find exciting new books to read this summer! There will be author takeovers where you can chat with new-to-you authors or old favorites, enter giveaways, a […]

Zein Trilogy: Graham Wood Author Interview

Tweet Fellow Fantasy and Science Fiction Network author, Graham Wood, joins us today to share about his novels, Zein: The Trilogy – Book 1, The Prophecy, and Book 2, The Homecoming, to be released in April/May 2015. Please welcome Graham Wood!   Silverberry: Tell us a little about yourself.   Wood: I was born and […]

Polarity in Motion: Brenda Vicars Author Interview!

Tweet I’m thrilled to have Young Adult Contemporary author, Brenda Vicars, join us today to discuss her novel, Polarity in Motion, from Red Adept Publishing. Brenda’s background as an educator brings a deep and compassionate understanding of the young adult characters she writes about. Join me in welcoming Brenda Vicars! And don’t forget to enter […]

Meet FSF Net Author, Emma Lynn

Tweet Today on Meet the Author, please join me for an interview with Fantasy Science Fiction Network (FSFN) member, Emma Lynn. Emma has stopped by to talk about writing her fantasy novel, The Dark Ones.   Tell us a little about yourself.   I’m a 17-year-old homeschooler who likes to read. Writing later became a […]

Dreamwalker: Meet Fantasy Author, Angela Wallace

Tweet It’s time for another edition of Meet the Author. I’m thrilled to introduce you to fantasy author, Angela Wallace. Angela is prolific writer. She’s got several series going, and as you’ll see below, she’s has a creative, rich imagination for storytelling. Please welcome, Angela Wallace!   Tell us a little about yourself.   Well, […]

Death by Living: ND Wilson Interview

Tweet Joining us today is ND Wilson, author of Death by Living: Life Is Meant to be Spent.   Silverberry: Tell us a little about yourself and how you became a writer.   N.D. Wilson: Well, I grew up with a pastor for a dad, in a house and a family that was filled with […]

Delusion, Dementia, or Discourse?

Tweet   Delusion, dementia or discourse? Elisa Adler insists on the latter, and with the threads of her mother’s narratives weaves for them a raft of words in her stunningly beautiful, thought provoking, and profound memoir, I’ll Close My Eyes (But I Won’t Be Asleep). The book sounds an intimate, heartbreaking, and sometimes humorous, end-of-life […]

Claude Bouchard on Suspense, Thrillers, & VIGILANTE

Tweet Silverberry: What is Vigilante about and what inspired the story?   Bouchard: Vigilante, as the title implies, deals with a serial killer who has taken on the task of ridding the city of violent criminals and the police investigation led by Lieutenant Dave McCall to apprehend this self-appointed executioner. Though the story bears no […]

Russell Blake, Silver Justice, Suspense and Thrillers!

Tweet If you’re looking for a suspense thriller, a rip-roaring, edge-of-your-seat read from a talented, fresh voice who writes about compelling themes and complex characters, then look no further then bestselling author Russell Blake. As the following interview makes apparent, he can write with the best of them.   Silverberry: What are the elements of […]

Miracle Child: James Wilcox Author Interview

Tweet     I’m thrilled to have author James P. Wilcox join us to discuss his new release, Miracle Child, a true story of miracles, both big and small, and one little boy born sixteen weeks early. Nathaniel Wilcox needed a miracle. He wasn’t expected to make it through the night. His story is a […]