Beach Reads Bonanza!

Get out the sunscreen and umbrellas, I’m taking part in the Beach Reads Bonanza, which runs from 6/7 – 6/13. Come and celebrate your love of reading and find exciting new books to read this summer! There will be author takeovers where you can chat with new-to-you authors or old favorites, enter giveaways, a chance to play some beach/summer-themed games, and more!

There will also be a HUGE event long giveaway for a giant prize pack of e-books, paperbacks, gift cards, swag, and more that you will gain entries for with every post you participate in. My time slot to host is June 10th at 12 PM CDT (10 AM PST) Follow the link to join and share with your friends!

Beach Reads Bonanza

Here’s the truth about writing: it’s all in the prompt. That proved the case here, as I found my funny bone in this interview by fantasy author, Heidi L Burke. Here’s the link!

Random Interview Saturday

In an interview from the League of Scribes on June 9th, I reveal my code name and what sci-fi creatures I would recruit into my army if I wished to conquer the world. What world will I want to conquer? I’ll send the link soon.

Last but not least, children’s fantasy author, Alina Sayre, will stop by my blog on June 14th with a guest post on writing to music. She’ll also be revealing the cover for her third middle-grade fantasy, The Illuminator Rising! Link coming soon.

Wishing everyone a fabulous summer,

A.R. Silverberry

A contemplative A. R. Silverberry

A contemplative A. R. Silverberry

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