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Greetings, fantasy fiction fans! I’m thrilled to host Keith Weaver, author of “Nebulous.” Keith was into fantasy as a young boy. No surprise then that “The Phantom Tollbooth” is still a favorite of his. He was drawn to horror in his preteen days, when he watched the original “Friday the 13th” movie. He’s been watching and reading horror, paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi ever since. He took literature courses in college, when he started dabbling with his own writing. Lucky for us! Here are some of the raves “Nebulous has garnered on Amazon!


“Nebulous is a fantasy tale that brings all the stops to the table. I read Nebulous in two sittings. Each character came to life quickly and effortlessly. Author Keith Weaver did a wonderful job creating the comradery between Ty and his new allies Bake, Kits and Muji. I loved how the crew came together for the common cause of taking down the evil Queen Joro. This fantasy novel has it all, and I was truly impressed.” – Kim K, Amazon


“Keith Weaver’s “Nebulous” took me back to that feeling of fresh, fun, and innocent fantasy adventure that I enjoyed as a young reader. A few highlights of what I liked:

– Ty’s reactions and character were believable for his age. He wasn’t “wise beyond his years” or a 16-year old in a ten year-old’s body.
-This book definitely reminded me in some aspects of “Chronicles of Narnia” (not a bad thing at all, since I’m a fan of that series)
-I wanted to know more about Nebulous. There is definitely more to know and explore, so I look forward to what else Mr. Weaver may have in store.

My young daughter just started reading, and I’m definitely giving her Nebulous as part of an introduction to fantasy stories.” – Alesha P, Amazon


“This book was a pleasure to read, and grips you instantly within the first few pages as the adventuresome brother, Ty, begins his strange quest to recover his younger sibling, Xavier. Ty develops unbreakable camaraderie with an unlikely band of misfits and oddballs that, together, become a binding force to be reckoned with by the evil Queen Joro. Beautifully written to capture the heart and mind of even the most finicky and finely tuned Fantasy genre reader. Highly recommended, my friends!” – S Detherage, Amazon


“Lovely book that reminded me of the Princess Bride with the way the story seemed as if it were a father telling it little by little to a child of ten or so. I like that Nebulous is a world where Ty goes with all the attendant evil queen and helpers along the path characters. Very nice.” – Maureen H, Goodreads


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