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Come Back To Me Launch Party!

Come Back To Me Launch Party!

What’s the secret ingredient to grabbing a reader’s attention, to holding and keeping them? I wrote a guest post on WG2E, The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing. See the link below to see what I think the secret ingredient is!

WG2E is an awesome site. Their mission is ————————>

To be every writer’s destination – regardless of genre – for everything E-publishing and to help writers reign over the ever-changing E-business-end of their creative empires.

They provide practical and real information about E-Publishing for all genres,  including romance, mystery, and everything else.  Their goal is to do a lot of the legwork for you, to keep you informed, and empower you as you embark or continue on your own publishing journey.

See my post , and join them often here! —————————->


I’m thrilled! WYNDANO’S CLOAK will be featured in Melissa Foster’s Book Launch event, to be held Tuesday, November 1st – Thursday, November 3rd, 2011.

Mark your calendars! There will be plenty of give-aways and prizes, and 35 wonderful new authors to discover at only 99 cents.

COME BACK TO ME, by Melissa Foster, the highly anticipated third novel by the award-winning, Amazon-Bestselling author of MEGAN’S WAY (#1 Paid Kindle, currently in production for a major motion picture) and CHASING AMANDA (Top Ten Paid Kindle). Check out the Press Release below.

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