Wyndano’s Cloak Sold Out At Borders Event!

I’m still floating after my book signing at Borders in San Rafael. They sold out of Wyndano’s Cloak! It’s a wonderful store. The staff, who were friendly and kept busy by a store packed with customers, took the time to stop by my table to talk with me about the book. One of them rushed from the counter to tell me he liked what I said about how magic works in the story.

Live book signings remind me of what I enjoy the most about being an author: The opportunity to interact with children. The children yesterday were curious and enthusiastic. One girl came up to me and said, “Are you an author? I want to meet you. I want to be an author!” Every single child told me they love to read. Thank heavens, the future of the world is in safe! There was a long line to the cash register, and moms, dads, and kids had armfuls of hardbacks.

A portion of my profits from sales yesterday will go to DrawBridge, and their Executive Director, Pam Morton, spent the afternoon with me at Borders. She answered questions about the fantastic work DrawBridge does to bring expressive arts to homeless and vulnerable youth in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. As a psychologist, I’ve seen first hand how powerful art can be in the emotional growth of a child. DrawBridge announced earlier this month that the Walter & Elise Haas Fund awarded DrawBridge a $10,000 matching grant! So my contribution will get doubled! They’ve raised over $6,850 of the match so far. You can add your donation here:http://drawbridge.org/getinvolved.html. Thanks, Pam, it was great meeting you and partnering with DrawBridge.

The highlight of the day was the appearance of Marilyn LoRusso. Marilyn is a

Children’s Entertainer and Social Media Consultant. As Princess Polka Dot, Marilyn has entertained thousands of children for over 10 years with her passion for bringing joy and fun. On her blog, she says, “When you add a sense of FUN to any situation, it transforms the experience for you and everyone around you!” Marilyn proved that and more yesterday. Her helpfulness and support touched me deeply, and I’ll always treasure her kindness. You can learn more about Marilyn and Princess Polka at http://www.funitude.net/. Her forthcoming book, FUNitude – How to Raise Your FUNtelligence Quotient, will be at the top of my reading list. I can’t wait!

I’m looking forward to another super book signing and fundraiser for DrawBridge on Oct 2nd, 2 – 4 PM. I hope to see many of you there!


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