Spring Into Fantasy Facebook Party!

Silverberry, Man or Hoax?

Silverberry, Man or Hoax?

Spring Into Fantasy Facebook Party!


Here ye, here ye! It’s time for the Spring Into Fantasy Facebook Party, hosted by the Fellowship of Fantasy, a merry band of fantasy authors who’ve come together for two days of fun, games, prizes, and a chance to meet our authors! I’ll be hosting something special for the event on Saturday at 2 PM EDT (11 AM PST). But you don’t have to wait for the event to find out what I’m going to do! You can find my two games below! First, here’s the link to the party, which runs from Friday, May 6, 3PM (EDT), to Saturday May 7, 8 PM (EDT). Click here to get to the party!


Spread the word to family and friends! Hope to see you all there!


Silverberry Contest One: Man or Hoax?!


Is the photo above a rare sighting of the Silverberry caught in his habitat? Or is it a hoax, cleverly perpetrated by fame seekers? No matter, the best caption for the photo wins a copy of Wyndano’s Cloak, eBook edition! Here’s how to enter:


  1. Like my Facebook page
  2. Post your caption in the comment below
  3. Share the post with your friends!


Silverberry Contest Two:


My second novel, The Stream, utilizes a most unusual setting for the story. In fact, the Stream is a not just a most unusual world, I think of it as a character!


Below is an almost excerpt from the book. I say almost excerpt because as much as I love the passage, it didn’t fit into the book, and I found other ways of communicating the same information. But it will give you an idea of just how unusual the Stream is. Here’s the setup: Wend, a five-year-old boy trying to understand the workings of his world, is talking to his father on their boat. Here’s the passage, followed by the rules to contest:


Almost Excerpt:


If Wend had stopped to think about it, he would have realized that his family, searching for fruit, nuts, and roots, never ventured far from either shore, that travelers never sailed upstream to tell tales of what lay ahead. Except for tacking and voyages of a few miles, his family never ventured upstream either. When he’d asked his father why, he was told, “It’s a law.” Wend must have looked blank because his father told him to jump as high as he could. Wend jumped, and after his feet landed on the ground his father said, “Now jump as high as the top of the mast.” Wend had laughed, but declared that no one could do that.

“Why not?” his father asked.

“We come down first,” Wend replied.

“It’s a law,” said his father. “And it’s a law that we go that way.”

His father pointed downstream.

If Wend had thought of these things, he would have understood that everyone was tethered to the stream and could only go in one direction. People stopped from time to time, working at abandoned foundries to smelt metal for anchors, chains, and knives, cutting trees to build or repair boats, living in villages, taking over deserted houses like creatures that move into another animal’s shell. They never stayed long, always returning to their boats, always going with the current, always traveling downstream.


Contest Rules


To win a free copy of The Stream, eBook edition, Like my Facebook page, leave a comment, on the post about the Fellowship of Fantasy Facebook event, about what intrigued you about the world of the Stream, and share the post!


That’s it for both contests! I may award more than one prize for each contest, so be sure to enter!


The Fellowship of Fantasy is a group of indie writers offering novels and books that are at a low PG-13 level. Readers who enjoy fiction without a lot of graphic violence, sex, or language will enjoy our reads. Check out the Fellowship of Fantasy Website and learn about the Fan Art Contest! Categories include audio, video, costume, cosplay, visual art, and writing! Let your creative juices flow!

Spring into Fantasy Giveaway!

Spring into Fantasy Giveaway!

Wyndano's Cloak, By A. R. Silverberry

Wyndano’s Cloak, By A. R. Silverberry

The Stream, by A. R. Silverberry

The Stream, by A. R. Silverberry

Transported out of Aerdem to another universe!

Transported out of Aerdem to another universe!


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