Holiday Greetings from Aerdem!

A. R. Silverberry

AR Silverberry signing books at a benefit

Greetings from Aerdem!


Lots of exciting news!


Catch my radio interview on the Children’s Author Show, 12/21 and 12/22. I discuss the real magic in Wyndano’s Cloak, the book’s three extraordinary heroines, and more! The Author Show claims the highest ratings on internet radio, with over a million listeners. The interview will run continuously both days. Here’s the link!


Many thanks to Barnes and Noble for hosting my fall book tour, and to the many customers who stopped by to talk to me. Over ninety books were signed in December alone! But the best part was all the wonderful children I got to meet. Several them want to be writers! I look forward to seeing their books in print!


I finished the first draft of my new novel. I haven’t settled on a name yet, but I’ll reveal this: It’s part survival tale, part spiritual journey, and all fantasy!


In November, I participated in the launch of Melissa Foster’s novel, Come Back to Me. It was a huge success! Now, Melissa’s Women’s Literary Cafe will be running a special book event, The Year of the Indie. For 7 days we’ll be featuring WLC authors, bringing our readers hidden talents and household names side-by-side. If you read from Kindle, you’ll want to load it with great reads from this celebration! Here’s the link!




Many thanks to Silvy, my first blogger and reader from the Republic of Macedonia! She gave Wyndano’s Cloak five stars on Goodreads! Silvy is a book lover, mother, wife, and Latin language teacher. Check out her blog, Books are My Life, and her review of Wyndano’s Cloak!

If you enjoy an author’s work, be sure to let them know! Spread the word about the books you enjoy by posting a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads! There’s no better way to show support! Here are the links for Wyndano’s Cloak:


Barnes and Noble



Wishing everyone a Wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!


A. R. Silverberry


Year of the Indie!

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