Out of the Mouths of Babes

Deadly Science, by Amy Manemann

Deadly Science, by Amy Manemann

Guest Post, by Amy Manemann, Author of “Deadly Science: A Taci Andrews Mystery”

My children are the apple of my eye and the things that come out of their sweet little mouths truly cracks me up, even when it hurts. At the dinner table the other night my husband and I listened with secret smiles on our faces as the kids talked about “when they grow up”.

During the conversation, our son looked at us quite seriously and asked, “Mom, Dad, when we grow up and move out of the house where will you both live?”

My husband laughed, replying, “We’ll still be right here.” My daughter paused in taking a bite of her macaroni in cheese, a shocked look on her face.

Really?” she said, “I thought you guys would be a nursing home.”

Wow, ever wonder if your kids think you’re old? Lol!

International best-selling author, Amy Manemann, is the author of Deadly Reunion and Deadly Science, the first two books of the Deadly Series(Taci Andrews Mysteries). She resides in her hometown along the Mississippi river with her husband and their two children, where she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, writing, blogging and interviewing authors to feature on her website. Amy is also a site administrator for the World Literary Cafe.


Sample Chapter of Amy’s newly released book, Deadly Science (A Taci Andrews Mystery).

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


I opened the door to my apartment early Thursday morning to find a sheepish Tony standing in my doorway. Folding my arms across my chest I gave him my best glare even though my heart sped up at the site of him.

What?” I asked, not bothering to beat around the bush. Propping a shoulder against the doorjamb he imitated my posture, a sexy grin crossing his lips as he did a perusal of the towel on my head, bathrobe and bare feet.

Did I catch you before or after showering?” he asked, dimples appearing in his cheeks when my eyes narrowed.

Not that it’s any of your business, but I just got out of the shower. Is there something I can do for you?” I asked, instantly wishing the words back. By the leer on Tony’s face I could tell he had all sorts of ideas about what I could do for him. To his credit, instead voicing those thoughts, he bent down and picked up a white paper bag and drink holder containing two beverages, holding them out to me like a peace offering.

I brought coffee and breakfast from The Pastry Shop on Main Avenue if you’ll let me in,” he said hopefully. It was tempting to shut the door in his face and get instant gratification but my stomach rumbled in protest.

Seeing my internal debate Tony added, “They’re chocolate

glazed if that helps.”

Sighing, I opened the door wider for him to pass through. It was hard to turn down a man who knew my weaknesses.

Tony strode easily past me into the kitchen, setting the bag and drink tray down on the countertop while I retrieved some napkins. He watched me pick up one of the steaming white Styrofoam cups with a guarded expression. Inhaling the rich flavor of freshly ground coffee beans before taking a tentative sip I smiled in ecstasy at the rush of warm liquid hitting my tongue.

Lord that tastes good,” I sighed in deep appreciation.

Had I known coffee did that to you I would have tried a larger cup,” he commented. Taking another swallow of the steamy beverage, I had to agree. At least the urge to throw something at him was beginning to fade.

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Amy Manemann, Author of Deadly Science

Amy Manemann, Author of Deadly Science

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