Flashback: Interview of a Talented Young Author

Kyla LoPresti, Author of Flashback

Kyla LoPresti, Author of Flashback

While perusing Twitter, I heard about Kyla LoPresti, a twelve-year-old girl who had written and published a novel. One of my goals is to encourage the creative efforts of young people. What better way to do that than to let other young people know what someone their age has accomplished. I had to interview her! Please join me in welcoming this talented young author!


Silverberry: Tell us about yourself.


Kyla: I just turned 13 . . . I started my book last May when I was 11, so it basically took exactly a year to write and publish my novel. I absolutely love reading and writing but I hate math lol. I love to read new things and learn about authors. I always have ideas floating around in my head about new books I want to write. I am in 7th grade . . . I am in the Drama Club . . . and I just got inducted into National Honor Society . . . I play volleyball and I play the guitar. I like to watch the Vampire Diaries with my little sister . . . My mom and dad are very supportive of me and encourage me to keep writing.


Silverberry: Congratulations on publishing Flashback! What’s the story about?


Kyla: My book is about Isabelle Holloway. She has been reincarnated since she was killed in her past life in the 1800s. She has confusing flashbacks about her past life and cannot put all the pieces together. One day she sees the love of her life, Erik, from the 1800s in her high school. She doesn’t know why he is there and how he could look exactly the same. He turns out to be a Vampire and is trying to find her killer who is also back from her past.


Silverberry: Who do you think Flashback will appeal to?


Kyla: Teens – ages 12 – 18 – but lots of adults like it too!


Silverberry: What inspired you to write it?


Kyla: I had a dream that I was reincarnated. I woke up and began to write my thoughts down immediately. After a couple of days I thought this would be a good story. I wrote a bunch of chapters just for my own enjoyment. I started telling people about my book and they wanted to hear more and more. I decided to make it a novel so I added more until I had it the way I wanted. I didn’t think it would turn into such big thing.


Silverberry: What does your heroine, Isabelle, yearn for?


Kyla: She just wants to be a normal teen and have a normal life. And to be with Erik.


Silverberry: Is there a sequel? If so, what can readers look forward to?!


Kyla: Yes! I am working on it right now. Learning more about Isabelle and her being ‘special’. There will also be a couple new characters.


Silverberry: Who are some of the authors that have inspired you the most, and why?


Kyla: Cassandra Clare and Alyson Noel. They are both unique writers. I like to read about supernatural and fantasy and they both write about that. I also like their writing styles. I have read all of both of their books.


Silverberry: What advice would you give to other young people who want to write a story, too?


Kyla: Don’t get discouraged. Just keep on doing what you believe in. Sometimes things are hard but you can’t give up. Take a break and go back to it if you have to but never let your dream go.


Silverberry: Thanks for stopping by! Readers may find links to Kyla’s book and website below. And her book will be part of one of my upcoming Giveaways. Watch my website for details!


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Flashback, by Kyla LoPresti

Flashback, by Kyla LoPresti

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