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 I had the pleasure of meeting Beverly Flaxington at the Readers Favorite awards ceremony, where her book, Understanding Other People, was honored with the Gold Medal in the Nonfiction-Relationship genre. I found the book to be a thought-provoking, fascinating read, filled with sound advice and strategies to increase understanding and communication with others. Her writing was excellent. In fact, as I read the pages, I felt as if she were having a conversation with me. I had to interview her! Join me as we discuss her book, the keys to successful nonfiction writing, and book marketing.
What inspired you to write Understanding Other People?
After working with individuals and businesses for 25 years, helping both to make the changes to reach their goals, I kept finding people-issues coming up over and over again as roadblocks. I started to observe the common themes, and when I was asked to create a class for graduate students called “Dealing with Difficult People,” and used the information I had gathered, I received an overwhelmingly positive response. I realized I HAD to commit what I had learned to writing so others could benefit.
Who do you think will benefit from the book?
Honestly, anyone seeking to improve their relationships, understand their own frustrations with others, or understand where others may be coming from in their communication. I’ve received great feedback from managers and leaders who have found it very valuable in working with their staff members. It can be used for teambuilding exercises, too.
What do you think are the key elements for effective nonfiction writing?
Key elements are: (1) Knowing your material – having a close relationship with what you are writing about so you are speaking from experience, (2) Writing in a manner that offers not just information but also insight and helpful hints or ideas, and (3) Reading out loud what you’ve written! I had a wonderful editor and also had a couple of colleagues give me feedback before I sent the book for final print!
You have a great ranking on Amazon. What is driving that?
I used Bostick Communications early on and they distributed my first press release to a number of independent reviewers. Thankfully, many contacted me to get the book and subsequently gave me great ratings. I also asked people who told me they had bought the book (okay, I bugged some people until they did it!) and I also sought out reviewers on Amazon who seemed to read works like mine and contacted them to review my book and write a review. Many, many people that I don’t know have read the book and posted reviews – I especially love to see these pop up!
What other approaches are you using to market the book?
I have a PR firm that gets me many interviews on the radio and in magazines. I continually use my own email database to remind people about the book. I blog and Twitter. I do a lot of public speaking, and always have the book’s title included in my bio when someone presents me.

Any other books in the pipeline?


I am working on a book called “The S.H.I.F.T. Model ™ for Success” which is a goal setting and goal achievement model I created and trademarked. I hope to finish in 2011!

Where can people find out more about you and your books?


Please visit my website at


Thanks so much for joining us, and for sharing your insights!


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