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Dream of Eli: Van Heerling Author Interview

Tweet In my journey through the Land of Indie, I’ve had the pleasure and honor of meeting Van Heerling. His first novel, Malaika, was a haunting story about a lost man who develops a relationship with a lioness in rural Kenya. Written with a powerful voice reminiscent of Hemingway, the book moved me to tears. […]

Facebook For Authors: Part II on Social Media

Tweet Welcome to the second in a four-part series on social media. How can authors build a loyal following? Are their ways to effectively use social media to promote and market books? Three authors will stop by over the next weeks to share their expertise and knowledge. Today, Phil Torcivia will join us to discuss […]

Art of the Meet and Greet, Part I

Tweet Do you have a physical edition of your book? If so, live events at bookstores can be an important part of your book marketing plan. Benefits include the opportunity to meet readers in person, increase exposure, generate publicity, and build a local or regional following. There are different kinds of events that authors can […]

Writing and Marketing Nonfiction Successfully

Interview of Beverly Flaxington, award-winning author of “Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior”