Facebook For Authors: Part II on Social Media

Phil Tocivia, Author of "Nice Knowing You"

Phil Tocivia, Author of "Nice Knowing You"

Welcome to the second in a four-part series on social media. How can authors build a loyal following? Are their ways to effectively use social media to promote and market books? Three authors will stop by over the next weeks to share their expertise and knowledge. Today, Phil Torcivia will join us to discuss how authors can effectively utilize Facebook. Next week, bestselling author Melissa Foster will discuss Twitter. Finally, Jason Baudendistel will discuss LinkedIn.

Significantly, Melissa Foster, who I met on Facebook, introduced me to Phil. Phil’s books are a collection of humorous essays about his experiences dating, and he has also written a weight-loss book, The 10/60 Diet: How to lose 10% of your body weight in 60 days. Without further ado, on to the interview!

Silverberry: What makes Facebook different from other social media?

Phil: The amount of time people spend there and the fact that it’s more intimate—involving mostly friends and family.

Silverberry: Why is Facebook an important part of a writer’s marketing strategy?

Phil: We need to reach people where people are spending time. It’s by no means easy to hold their attention and show on their walls consistently, but it’s crucial. Once you connect with fans you can keep them engaged by posting regularly and announcing upcoming sales, releases, and appearances. You can even solicit fans for suggestions. I had a group of my fans proofread one of my books, mentioned them in the book, and sent them signed copies. They did a great job.

Silverberry: Do you emphasize Facebook more than other forms of social media? If so, why?

Phil: Yes, because I believe that’s the place my audience—women 25-60—spends most of their time.

Silverberry: What should writers try to accomplish with Facebook?

Phil: Set up your page, have a professional profile picture and a well-designed landing tab for new visitors. It’s also a great place to ask fans to sign up to your newsletter. Then, post regularly (multiple times a day) and vary your posts between links, pictures, videos, and excerpts. You don’t want to be too sales-y. It’s important to respond to posts and show appreciation whether the feedback is good or not.

Silverberry: You have over 32,000 people who have Liked your page. What has helped you gain so many followers?!

Phil: Mostly time. I’ve been posting there for years and growing gradually. I’ve also run some Facebook ad campaigns targeting people who read/follow authors and comedians like me. I also mention the Facebook page within my books, in emails, and everywhere possible.

Silverberry: What specific ways do you use your Author Page?

Phil: Mostly to entertain, engage, and announce upcoming releases. It’s a struggle to stay visible with the Facebook fans (show on their walls consistently). The most successful pages do this by posting quotes, horoscopes, and funny pictures. They’re not easy to compete with, but I try.

Silverberry: You have a number of pages on your author page: Wall, Twitter, Book Preview, Questions, Goodreads. Why are these important, and how can authors make use of that capacity on Facebook?

Phil: Oh, Tabs. Yes. It depends on the author but you definitely want to have links to Twitter and Goodreads. If you have the budget, you can hire a programmer to set up a tab to sell your book within Facebook. Fans tend to prefer to stay within Facebook and not be linked outside. Tabs are a great place to host contests. I’ve done a few which have helped grow the fan base.

Silverberry: Do you use your personal Facebook account for marketing? If so, is your approach different there?

Phil: Not so much. I will mention my books there and try to get friends to follow my writing over on the “Such a Nice Guy” page.

Silverberry: What are the most effective posts, and what are some Facebook no’s no’s?

Phil: Facebook basically grades every post you make. A share is the most valuable thing that can happen to a post. Next is a comment, followed by a like, and finally a click. Facebook won’t share the algorithm, but I’d bet if a click is worth one point, a like is worth four, a comment eight, and a share twenty points. No-Nos include nudity (anything that would be flagged) and I’d be careful with plagiarism. It’s always nice to give credit. If someone is mean or posting spam on your wall, remove it and ban them.

Silverberry: What got you started as an author?

Phil: I began documenting my dating experiences after I was divorced in 2003 and moved from Philadelphia to San Diego in 2004. I posted them on my Facebook page, then created a fan page and a blog, and finally gathered the stories into my books. Comedy isn’t easy, but I truly love nothing more than making someone laugh or smile.

Silverberry: Tell us about your books and who are they written for!

Phil: I’ve released five books about relationships with the sixth coming out next month. They’re short essays–perfect for potty reading–about dating, lifestyles, and current events. I also released a Kindle Single about low-carb dieting, which is selling well (The 10/60 Diet).

Silverberry: What are you working on now?

Phil: My sixth book in the Nice Guy series is called Nice Knowing You and it’s currently being edited. Once I review the edits and clean things up, it will be released. I expect it to be available in a month or so. I’ve started my weekly webcast called “The Nice Guy Show” where I’m going to have various guests join me to discuss and laugh about life and love. I’ll spend some time building up that show and putting together a seventh book.

Silverberry: Phil, thanks so much for joining us and sharing your insights! Best wishes on your continued success! Links to Phil’s website and books below. If any readers missed part one in this series, here’s the link: Social Media for Authors.

Links to Phil’s website, books, and social media:

Website: http://www.torcivia.com

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/author/philtorcivia

Facebook Page: http://Facebook.com/SuchaNiceGuy

Twitter: http://Twitter.com/PhilTorcivia

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/ptorcivia

"Nice Knowing You" by Phil Tocivia

"Nice Knowing You" by Phil Tocivia

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