Twitter for Authors: Part III on Social Media

Melissa Foster, Bestselling Author of  COME BACK TO ME

Melissa Foster, Bestselling Author of COME BACK TO ME

Welcome to the third in a four-part series on social media, bringing four authors sharing their expertise and knowledge about Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Today, the award-winning author, Melissa Foster, joins us to discuss how authors can effectively utilize Twitter. Significantly, I met Melissa through social media. Her three novels, “Megan’s Way,” “Chasing Amanda,” and “Come Back to Me,” are international bestsellers. She’s been published in Indie Chicks, an anthology, and is currently collaborating in the film production of “Megan’s Way.”

Melissa is a builder of community, and a strong one at that. If you search #WLCAuthor on Twitter, you’ll see what I mean! She’s the founder of the Women’s Nest, a social and support community for women, and the World Literary Cafe (formerly WoMen’s Literary Cafe), a cross-promotional site for authors, reviewers, bloggers, and readers. Join me now in learning more about how this remarkable writer approaches social media and life!


Silverberry: What makes Twitter different from other social media?


Melissa: I see Twitter as a global meeting place, a place to establish relationships with the widest market possible. The unique avenue that Twitter offers is the ability to be yourself in a very quippy sort of way. It challenges users to really think about the message they want to convey, and to make sure each message is powerful. I love it.

Silverberry: Why is Twitter an important part of a writer’s marketing strategy?

Melissa: Marketing is about exposure. As an author, we need to be ever-present. Twitter allows us to touch many readers 24/7, as well as reaching out to other literary professionals and build a network.

Silverberry: Do you emphasize Twitter more than other forms of social media? If so, why?

Melissa: I emphasize Twitter and Facebook for social media because those are your largest audiences. I’ve met so many warm and witty people through both, that social media has become a part of my life that I look forward to all day long.

Silverberry: What should writers try to accomplish with Twitter?

Melissa: Life is about building relationships. Twitter is no different.

Silverberry: How do you approach building followers? Do you look for people in your genre, or do you cast a wider net?

Melissa: I use Twitter for so much more than marketing books. I use it to touch people’s lives. I am a bit of a positive-preacher and happy-thought invoker. I approach followers in three ways; people that I have something in common with (children, location, hobbies, craft), people that need a pick-me-up (those that seem like they can use a happy thought more often than others), and those that offer insight that I find valuable. I guess you’d say that I cast a wide net.

Silverberry: Do you follow everyone back? What are the pros and cons?

Melissa: I don’t follow everyone back. I don’t follow people who curse a lot, or those who prefer to show off their bodies. I don’t follow people who have nothing interesting, friendly, or valuable to say, and I don’t follow people who demean others. I like to surround myself with positivity and information, and if someone is negative or mean to others, that would bring me down. A definite con.

Silverberry: What do you see as effective and ineffective tweets?

Melissa: Effective tweets send an honest message about something–anything. Ineffective tweets? That’s a funny question because it would depend on the context/content. I guess those people who only auto tweet would be ineffective.

Silverberry: Do you link your social media accounts? If not, why?

Melissa: No, never. I love to chat, so why would I minimize the opportunity to meet and talk to followers?

Silverberry: What should authors avoid doing on Twitter?

Melissa: “BUY MY BOOK” tweet tweet, lol.

Silverberry: What got you started as an author?!

Melissa: Oh my…got me started as in why do I write, or got me started as in marketing? I’m going with the first option:-) We have six kids, and when my second oldest was a year or so old, I had an overwhelming urge to write a specific story. I picked up a pad and pen, and never looked back. I had to wait over 10 years before I could write full time, so the passion festered and grew until our lives allowed for my writing, and voila. Here I am.

Silverberry: Tell us about your books and who are they written for!

Melissa: I write in several different genres. “Megan’s Way” is a literary fiction, “Chasing Amanda” is suspense, and “Come Back to Me” is contemporary fiction. My current work in progress is a psychological thriller/suspense. I write for anyone who likes emotional stories that are tied to real life. Men, women, young adult–if they seek stories that will cause them to be introspective, then they would probably like my books.

Silverberry: You’re one of the most active authors I know. What’s ahead for Melissa Foster?!

Melissa: Yikes! I hope more books, the movie of “Megan’s Way,” and enjoyment of building the World Literary Cafe community. I really enjoy helping others learn to bring their books to readers, and I hope to be able to do more of that.

Silverberry: Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us today! I’ll be looking forward to “Megan’s Way,” the movie, and to your next book!

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MEGAN'S WAY by Melissa Foster

MEGAN'S WAY by Melissa Foster

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