LinkedIn for Authors: Part IV on Social Media

Jason Baudendistel, Author of "The Complete idiot's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing"

Jason Baudendistel, Author of "The Complete idiot's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing"

Welcome to part four in a series on social media, featuring four authors with expertise and knowledge about effectively using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Joining us today is Jason Baudendistel, author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing.” Jason is an entrepreneur, Linkedin consultant, and small business expert. He provides search engine optimization, web marketing services, and training to small businesses; and investment, life, and career coaching for individuals. I was especially interested in talking with him about how authors could make use of LinkedIn. On to the interview!


Silverberry: Tell us a little about yourself, your work, and what got you into social media.


Jason: I am a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author on, and social media and internet marketing consultant. I started learning social media all the way back when I ran my first business, the record label, “Bored Student Records.”


Silverberry: How is LinkedIn different from other types of social media?


Jason: Linkedin is the tool you use for the more professional audience. It’s users are more affluent, with higher incomes, but also are harder to sell to. Twitter is more branding only, and Facebook is more business to consumer, instead of business to business.


Silverberry: What can authors get from doing LinkedIn?


Jason: Branding opportunities, as well as free and low cost lead generation. If your book is business, entrepreneurship, or marketing related, Linkedin is a definite must.


Silverberry: Why is LinkedIn an important part of a writer’s marketing strategy?

Jason: As an author, you need to use every available option to generate leads and increase awareness for your book.

Silverberry: What proportion of time do you recommend that authors give to LinkedIn versus Facebook and Twitter, and why?

Jason: It depends on the type of book. If it is not business or marketing related, I would say twenty-five percent on each, with an additional twenty-five percent to search engine optimization (SEO). The reason why I broke it down into those percentages is each specific area drives traffic to your website. I feel that neglecting any of them is leaving

free traffic on the table.

Silverberry: What should writers try to accomplish with LinkedIn?

Jason: Brand yourself, create value, and interact. You want to be an ambassador for your book. Use groups; and tools, such as Signal.

Silverberry: Right, Signal helps you cut the noise and focus on what is relevant in the information stream. And those groups are very active, and great sources of information. You’ve written “The Complete Idiots Guide to LinkedIn Marketing.” What can readers find there?

Jason: An in depth guide for small business owners, authors, and entrepreneurs on how to get more low cost and free leads on Linkedin.

Silverberry: I also see that you offer individual chapters on how to create a profile, use LinkedIn, LinkedIn-specific marketing strategies, business branding, lead generation, and more! You’ve got 500+ connections on LinkedIn. How have you gained so many followers?

Jason: Networking, providing value, and participating in open networking groups.

Silverberry: Are there LinkedIn no’s no’s that authors should avoid?

Jason: Not filling out your profile and spamming are probably the two biggest ones.

Silverberry: What’s ahead for you?!

Jason: My next book, “The Trailer Park Millionaire;” the growth of my company, “Elite Web Training;” and marketing my latest product release, “Internet Marketing Success System.”

Jason, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing!

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing, By Jason Baudendistel

The Complete Idiot's Guide to LinkedIn Marketing, By Jason Baudendistel

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