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Wyndano's Cloak, by A. R. Silverberry

Wyndano's Cloak, by A. R.Silverberry

Rachel Cotterill Reviews gave me a fabulous interview. She asked thought-provoking questions that penetrated to the heart of the story. Love it! Curious about sequels, prequels, and what I think about Place as Character, this interview reveals all! Rachel also reviewed “Wyndano’s Cloak,” calling it, “A sweet, gentle-hearted adventure which I think would be well-suited for younger readers . . . especially with the strong female characters which could be a good antidote to the traditional ‘helpless princess’ tales.”
Christine Cunningham, author of “Eternal Beginnings,” also reviewed “Wyndano’s Cloak,” calling it, “An excellent and meaty book! I felt like I was thirteen years old again and having all kinds of adventures . . . I would recommend this book highly for any young adult. It’s sure to become a quick favorite.”

Many thanks to Rachel and Christine for your kind words!

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